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37 of us have added our profiles to the Alumni Directory, so far.

Combined, we have 72 children and 51 grandchildren.

8 of us served in the U.S. Armed Forces for a combined total of 84 years.

15 of us spent a combined total of 51 years earning 4 Associates, 7 Bachelors and 1 Masters degree.

Our most-traveled? One of us has visited 48 U.S. States or Territories, and another has visited 14 foreign countries.

Currently, 3 of us are retired.

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S I L E N T   A U C T I O N

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Auction Basics

who can bid?

Only registered Spotsylvania Alumni can place bids. This means you, your classmates and Alumni from other Spotsylvania classes using this site who might want to support our fundraising efforts. You must be signed in to make a bid.

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Bids can be made in any full-dollar amount as long as your bid is at least $1 higher than the current bid. Bids that include cents will be rounded up or down to the nearest full-dollar amount by the system.

Your bid is a one-time bid, and we'll tell you right away if you're the highest bidder.

All bids are considered binding, and you can't cancel a bid once it has been accepted by the system. Because of the competetive nature of auctions and the difficult task of managing bids, counter-bids, "Proxy Bids" (see below) and bidding deadlines, if you make a bid and you end up being the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you must honor your commitment to pay for the item. Winning an item and then asking us to go find another buyer after the auction is over would be unfair to us.

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what is a Proxy Bid?

A Proxy Bid is the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay for an item - your bidding limit.

Anyone can submit a Proxy Bid, which tells the system to automatically bid for you in $1 increments up to your limit, but only when necessary to outbid another bidder. A successful Proxy Bid guarantees you'll win the item up to your limit. BUT, you won't necessarily pay up to your limit for the item, since the system only bids enough to keep you $1 ahead of the next highest bidder.

Example: If an auction opens and someone bids $20, they'll become the first high bidder. Later, if you come along and set a $45 Proxy Bid limit, then the system will make you the new high-bidder at $21, which is just $1 over their bid (even though you're willing to go as high as $45). Later, if another bidder comes along and bids $25, the system will automatically bid $26 on your behalf so you beat them by $1. Even if they come back and bid $35, the system will automatically bid $1 more ($36) on your behalf to make sure you remain the highest bidder. And if that's where it ends, that's where it ends. So even though you would have gone as high as $45, if no other bids come in before the end of the auction, you'd be the winner at $36. Lucky you!

But... If another bidder comes along before the end of the auction and bids more than $45, they'll become the new highest bidder. Or, if they set their own Proxy Bid limit at $50, for example, then the system would automatically increase the current bid to $46 (which is just $1 over your limit), making them the new high-bidder and possible winner of the auction. (Note: If this happens, the system will send you an e-mail inviting you to come back to increase your bid.)

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can i change or CANCEL my Proxy Bid?

Yes. As long as the Auction is still open, you can adjust your Proxy Bid limit up or down without affecting the last bid amount in any way. To do this, just set a higher or lower Proxy Bid limit on the bidding page; you just can't set it below the "last bid" amount.

To CANCEL your Proxy Bid, you'll have to submit a Proxy Bid limit that's equal to the "last bid" amount listed directly above the bidding box for each item.

Please note that cancelling a Proxy Bid won't cancel the last bid that you made on a particular item. Since that bid was already accepted by the system, you'll still be the highest bidder; you just won't have a Proxy Bid set for the item, and the system won't bid for you automatically again unless you set another Proxy Bid for the item.

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how will i know if i'm the highest bidder?

After placing your bid, the system will look for any Proxy Bids higher than your bid, and it will tell you right away if you're the highest bidder for that item. Later, if someone out-bids you, the system will congratulate them, but it will also send you an email breaking the bad news to you and inviting you to come back to increase your bid.

If you're signed in, we'll also put a message in the bidding box telling you if you're the highest bidder for that item and listing your Proxy Bid limit, if you have one set.

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beware of snipers!

Snipers among us will quietly watch the auction progress and might make their move in the closing hours, minutes or seconds of an auction, trying to win what they see as a great deal on a particular item. So, you should always consider your "highest bidder" status or Proxy Bid limits to be at risk until the hammer falls and the auction closes.

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bid log

A log of all bidder names, bid amounts, and the dates and times of those bids is kept by us. Although this is a "Silent Auction" where bidders' identities are kept confidential, the Bid Log can be used to confirm the progression of all bids and bidders from the beginning of the auction up to the final winning bid.

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payment options

Most classes will accept payment by check. If they have a PayPal account, you may also be able to pay online with your credit card. After an auction ends, the Reunion Committee will send winning bidders an email confirming their winning bids and explaining the payment options available.

Note: For payments by PayPal, classes are given the option of adding the PayPal transaction fee to your winning bid amount. The fee charged by PayPal is 2.9% of the amount paid, plus 30 cents. By adding in this fee, the amount ultimately received by your class will be the exact amount of your winning bid. You can avoid this small fee by sending in a check or making other payment arrangements.

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Alumni Directory
Alumni Tribute

Joseph Childress  
Oscar Creasy  
Frances Creekmore Pierce  
Sue Dillard  
Robert Ferry  
Eric McCord  
Kathy Posey Torres  
William Wheeler  

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