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79 of us have added our profiles to the Alumni Directory, so far.

Combined, we have 169 children, 130 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

13 of us served in the U.S. Armed Forces for a combined total of 139 years.

31 of us spent a combined total of 104 years earning 11 Associates, 18 Bachelors, 5 Masters and 1 Doctorate degree.

Our most-traveled? One of us has visited 48 U.S. States or Territories, and another has visited 17 foreign countries.

6 of us have birthdays this month, and 5 of us have birthdays in July.

Currently, 10 of us are retired.

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April 2014 Notes:




ATTENDEES: Donna Lacy-Taylor, Monica Wood-Cook, Nancy Kell-Curtas, Rp Johnson, Connie Beverly

The committee met for the first time at Brock’s in Fredericksburg. All classmates were invited to attend or send out their suggestions.

Regina Perkins, and Bob Barrett stopped in to say hello during the meeting.

A FREE to classmates website (www.spotsylvaniareunions.com) has been established specifically for the Class of 1979 Alumni. There is no advertising or interruptions it is strictly for our class. You may update your very own profile with pictures and even chat directly to other classmates. There is a Memoriam Page for our classmates whom have passed on where you my place a tribute to them individually. You may notice that there is a yearly fee to upkeep the website that is strictly paid my me and other classmates. Those who sponsor the reunion or the website will be placed in Honor Roll status for one year to recognize their generosity.

Connie – Decorating Committee/Sponsorships
- anyone interested in helping with this committee please contact me or Connie via Facebook or the Alumni Website.

Rp Johnson – Friday Night Venue/Sponsorships

Cookie Ammens-Midura – Assistance/Sponsorships
- Cookie is working on locating classmates and contacting those classmates from the previous reunion. If you know of someone that may not know about the reunion please contact Cookie at varebel222@snet.net.

Monica Wood-Cook – Banquet Coordinator/Budget

Donna Lacy-Taylor – Administrator/Banquet Manager

Monica and I have been advised by Veronica Cody that there is still a bank account with approximately $400.00 in it. Monica went to the bank and found that there is only $48.32 in the account. We are not sure nor take responsibility for the actions of previous events or committee members.

It has also been brought to my attention that many of you paid for a Reunion Memory Book at the last reunion and never received it. I have not been able to verify who paid and what the reason for this was. I am looking at trying to get enough financial support so that I may present each attending classmate at the 2011 with a free copy of a Class Memory and Yearbook.

It is important that we locate as many classmates as we can so this reunion can be the best ever. Remember, this may be the last reunion for some of us. It takes all of us to put this together; so please lend your support in locating classmates and getting the word out there.

We are asking for classmates that have been successful in business to please support this reunion by becoming a sponsor. For sponsorship information you may contact Donna Lacy-Taylor at (719) 221-3716 or dt_salida@yahoo.com or visit our FREE website at www.spotsylvaniareunions.com.

If you have suggestions or comments for the Class Reunion please contact me at the above number or email address.

I look forward to seeing each classmate June 2011.

January 24 2011 Committee Meeting


Donna Lacy Taylor, Monica Wood Cook, Connie Beverly, Penny Guillams Todd, R.P. Johnson and Me Cookie Midura.

Location: Quaker Steak-n-Lube Central Park Fredricksburg, VA

After a brief meet and greet luncheon and discussion of fallen and injured classmates the meeting commenced at 12 Noon.

Topics of discussion:


Three venues where discussed in detail. The originally proposed venue of Seacobeck Hall at Mary Washington College, Va EXPO Center and Liberty Lanes in Massaponax. After weighing all the pros and cons it was unanimously decided to select Liberty Lanes in Massaponax. They offer the most bang for the buck and can meet or Reunion needs.   Donna Lacy Taylor will fine tune the details and updates the committee as that is done. The Bar will be a CASH BAR!!!!

Lodging and Accomodations:

The committee discussed the need to  reserve a block of ten rooms at a local hotel for out of town/state classmates.  Hampton Inn Central park can accomodate rooms under a friends and family discount for approx. $79.95 per night. Donna has also reserved a block of ten at a Sleep Inn Hotel closer to Liberty lanes in Massaponax same pricing. See main page for hotel accomadation details. more info. to follow.

Funding and Sponsorship:

The need for sponsorship funding was discussed at great length. It is the responsibility of all Committee members to actively persue funding from local businesses and Classmates who may own their own business to please donate. This will help offset overhead cost and keep overall expenses to a minimum. The object with the funding is to keep the Reunion cost affordable to allow as many classmates as possible to participate. Every effort is being made to achieve this goal. Sponsorships and can also be in the form of Gifts or Gift Certificates to be given away during the recognition portion of the dinner banquet.  Funding will also be used to cover cost of printing Memory books that will be provided free of charge to all Attending Alumni.

Memorial Tribute Table:

The Memorial Tribute Table to honor fallen Classmates will will be simple white Table skirted and uplit with white lights. Each Fallen Classmate will have a framed photo displayed on the table. We are currently missing one photo.  Connie Beverly will locate and purchase with reimbursement the necessary frames and lighting needed to achieve this task.


Connie Beverly, Penny Todd and (possibly Ola Payne) Will be the decoration committee. We discussed overall decor and several things have been donated at no cost to the committee for use..  Donna Lacy Taylor has secured candle holders and chargers for each table. Cookie Midura is donating the Red, White and Blue Tealight candles at no cost to the committee. Monica Wood Cook Is lending the committe the use of her Balloon Archway. We will need to purchase Balloons and a Helium tank for this. There is no known Knight Cutout as we discussed at the meeting. It was suggested to me the the Drama Dept at the High School may have one to lend.  A backdrop will need to be hung for Photo Ops.  I have been told Party City in Fredericksburg has a large supply of Spotsylvania Knights Decor available in store, this is yet to be confirmed.

Recognition Ceremony:

The Committee is working on a top ten recognition and prize giveaway. details as they are made available. 

Please let me know if I omitted any talking points of interest, I will be happy to update with anything you may see I missed.

Cookie Midura Email: varebel222@snet.net  Cell# 203-640-2223 cell is on most times except 12 midnight to 6 am daily.

Minutes updated on Feb. 16th 2011...




Donna Lacy-Taylor, Connie Beverly, Cookie Ammens-Midura, Ola Payne, Susie Shepherd-Seal, Penny Guillams-Todd

Location: Liberty Lanes in Southpoint Center.

This was the last meeting prior to the reunion.

Topics of discussion:
Everyone got a chance to see the Banquet Room and help with planning of the decorations and setup of the room.

Funding and Sponsorship:

  • We now have over $1000 in cash donated a Sponsorships
  • Cookie presented the check for DJ to be deposited into the bank account.
  • Susie was able to get numerous gift cards and gift certificates donated from various businesses in Spotsylvania for door prizes and giveaways.
  • Monica  has donated a 27"inch Flat Screen T.V. that will be raffled during the Banquet on Saturday night June 25, 2011. Tickets will be available on Friday at the Meet & Greet as well.
  • Cookie has donated a GPS that will be raffled during the Banquet on Saturday night June 25, 2011. Tickets will be available on Friday at the Meet & Greet also.


Connie, Ola, Penny are making plans for decorations. Several items have been purchsed to assist with that.

Other Topics Discussed:

The layout of the Banquet was decided on for Saturday June 25, 2011. Doors open for the banquet at 6:00PM. Social and Cash Bar from 6:00-7:00, Oralando Harrison will say a prayer before Dinner which is served from 7:00-8:00. Raymond Silver will open the presentation portion of the evening with a song, Presentations unitl 9:00PM. From 9:00-11:00 music by Keith Constance-DJ.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Donna Lacy-Taylor at (719) 221-3716 or email at dt_salida@yahoo.com.




March 22, 2015

The class administrator asked thoughts and agreement to start sending flowers, cards and/or in leiu of sentiments to the deceased class mates family. A large majority of those that received the email or saw on facebook were in agreement to do this.

The class administrator also asked for donations to the class bank account for this expense. Several people have graciously donated. You can donate through the class website and do not need a PAYPAL Account since the class has one set up to go directly into the class bak account.





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